A Raccoon Was Arrested For Using The Subway And I Demand Justice

As soon as each few months, the identical story cycles by the information that includes a unique perpetrator. The story normally goes one thing like, “metropolis animal caught making an attempt to journey the subway,” and ends with the animal being forcefully faraway from the practice automotive by authorities. This has occurred all around the nation with all types of critters, from coyotes to pigeons, and now the newest fuzzy little commuter to be caught is that this raccoon who admittedly seems to be like he’s seen higher days.

And what?

I’m sick of it.

I’m SICK of the police making an attempt to escort these animals off their chosen technique of transportation. “Farebeating bust” they referred to as it. All I see is an city creature like the remainder of us, however very small, making an attempt to make his manner from A to B.

He doesn’t even have thumbs and also you’re gonna deny him a subway journey? SIR.

You don’t know what sort of stuff he’s received happening, he has very small legs, it takes a very long time to get locations, and he most likely doesn’t even take up a full seat! LET. HIM. RIDE.

Did the arresting officers even cease to ask him any questions? Do we all know something about his story??? Does his household know he’s okay???

That’s my massive son, please return him

— coen bros school caper (@_afairjudgement) April four, 2019

Please, subsequent time you see an animal on the subway in your city, be sure that they get to their vacation spot safely. Or no less than supply to purchase them a ticket to journey.

only a reminder that it is completely authorized to swipe raccoons by you probably have a limiteless MTA card, i do it on a regular basis https://t.co/cP3LEhbjTn

— jawn mulaney (@phippsdontlie) April four, 2019

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