Apparently Noah’s Ark Solely Had Male Lions

Whether or not you grew up in a non secular family or not, the bulk (or at the very least a good chunk) of individuals within the western world are acquainted with the story of Noah’s Ark. Most likely as a result of, if you consider it simply from a storytelling perspective, it kinda kicks ass. It’s received every little thing an epic story wants — a protagonist whom everybody doubts however finally ends up being proper as a result of fucking duh, direct contact with the next energy, a giant ass boat (not vital however actually by no means a nasty concept) and completely insane forces of nature leading to chaos and mass destruction. It hits all of the notes!

Oh, and it’s received a shit ton of animals, which is why it’s so in style with youngsters. I imply, everybody dies, like, actually everybody on earth dies, however there’s zebras and penguins and ponies so, hey — it’s nonetheless usable for toys and kids’s books. And the designers of those toys and books and common little one artwork all appear to agree on a couple of main factors: the form of the ark, the presence of a rainbow, and the truth that the lions on board have been homosexual.

You may argue that this was a standalone incident, however as Anthony Oliveira factors out, that is undoubtedly the final consensus.

There have been some exceptions

And some instances the place the producers appeared genuinely confused about precisely which animals would have to be saved with an ark

However all that apart the very fact stays that the lions on board have been undoubtedly, irrefutably homosexual.

a Pleasure of lions amirite

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