Dr. Dolittle’s Pet Sematary (Mashup Trailer)

Dr. Louis Creed and his spouse, Rachel, simply need to discover a good quiet spot to lift their two younger kids. So, naturally, they relocate from the large metropolis to rural Maine — however the a part of rural Maine that has darkish and foreboding woods and creepy neighbors who speak in riddles. Whereas all that’s happening, guess who just lately regained his childhood means to speak to animals? None aside from Dr. John Dolittle — besides this time he’s taking his items even additional, to a darkish and sinister place, a spot the place bears interrupt household picnics and hamsters crack intercourse jokes. All of this terrifies Dr. Creed and his younger, harmless, however not good at trying up Zillow evaluations or doing any sort of analysis in anyway, household.


Do you know that Physician John Dolittle has been round since 1920, first showing in a collection of youngsters’s books by Hugh Lofting? So it is a physician who’s at present 99 years outdated, who talks to animals, and also you’re telling me that in spite of everything that point he’s NOT going to make use of his powers for evil? Come onnnnnn after all he would. If he’s a three-act construction sort of man, he’ll momentarily go to the darkish facet and conjure a bunch of cute murderous chipmunks to overrun Manhattan, however that is his warm-up, opening sequence salvo, and we’re prepared for it. I need killer Golden Retrievers. I would like treacherous raccoons. And, okay, if within the technique of Dr. Dolittle’s darkish apotheosis (earlier than he turns issues round, stops ingesting, shaves off that mustache and runs constantly 3x’s per week), a household has to get the dwelling hamster pellets scared out of them — it’s omelettes, you recognize?


Ryan Coopersmith

Charles Muzard


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