Elon Musk Says Automobiles With Fart Sounds Are Underway

Bear in mind again after we had been all bright-eyed kids, dreaming of the long run and saying issues like, “at some point there are going to be flying automobiles”? Ah, fond recollections of less complicated instances. Now the whole lot is on hearth, there are like 12 polar bears left, the president has totally misplaced what was left of his thoughts, and we don’t even have flying automobiles. It’s bullshit. Nonetheless, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and the person who precariously walks the tight line between being a brilliant chill benevolent tech bro and Lex Luthor (and truthfully it may nonetheless go both approach), has introduced really groundbreaking development on the earth of automotives is underway.

Apparently, the following leap ahead for Tesla is customizable horns and “motion” sounds. Motion sounds as in, the sounds that the automobiles make whereas they’re in movement, as in you would probably make your automobile sound like a clip-clopping Monty Python-esque horse, as he alluded to in his tweet.

Personalized horn & motion sounds (coconuts being one, after all) coming to Teslas quickly

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 6, 2019

“Coconuts being one, after all”

Wow. Superb. Consider the chances. Elon, after all, has already considered the chances as a result of his lightning mind strikes simply that shortly. Why cease at coconut sounds?

Why not simply go proper to fart noises and goat bleats?


We could not have flying automobiles, however a minimum of we’re on the street to having automobiles that fart. The longer term is now.

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