Individuals Are Working Like Horses And I Am Afraid

Again in 2013 a video of a 10-year-old woman working on all fours and leaping over jumps swept the web and amassed over 2 million views. Some folks discovered it cute, others discovered it humorous, however all of us kinda needed to agree — it was fairly spectacular. People usually are not meant to run on all fours. Like, not even a bit of bit. So the truth that this child may gallop like a clydesdale was kinda nuts. And it was acceptable, as a result of she was 10, and children do bizarre shit. That’s high quality.

What’s not high quality although is when it’s a absolutely grown grownup.

Which is, sadly, what we have now on our arms.


Her identify is Ayla Kirstine, she’s from Norway, and now she additionally lives in my nightmares.

There are lots of causes for concern in society lately — local weather change, detrimental assaults on ladies’s reproductive rights, just about every thing the Trump administration is doing — however the absolute last item I ever thought I’d should worry is human adults who can run at alarming speeds and clear some fairly tall objects.

AND SHE’S NOT THE ONLY ONE. You don’t should look far on the web to search out all types of instagram and twitter accounts from different ladies who’re able to this identical feat. There’s like, a herd of them.

If anybody wants me I’ll be at my therapist’s workplace, discussing my new worry of horse women.

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