JK Rowling Is Nonetheless Speaking About Dumbledore’s Intercourse Life And Everybody Is So Goddamn Over It

Harry Potter is likely one of the most beloved and iconic guide collection of the final 20 years and has captivated the imaginations of actually tens of millions of individuals. The magical story of “the boy who lived” was so enthralling due to how utterly implausible and much from actuality it was, however writer JK Rowling’s newest statements about her characters are so far-fetched and baseless, even followers can’t allow them to slide.

Illustration is tremendous essential. And the dearth of LGBT characters in tv, motion pictures, and books, is an issue. So 12 years in the past when JK Rowling revealed that Albus Dumbledore, some of the outstanding characters within the collection, is homosexual, it appeared like a cool factor. Y’know, extra visibility, extra illustration, appears cool, proper?

Effectively, it could be, if she really wrote it into the books as an alternative of simply popping out after the actual fact and principally going,

“Uhhh, yeah, he was completely homosexual — love me LGBT group loVE ME I HAVE REPRESENTED YOU”

So now within the newest of her collection of “sure this completely occurred that is actual regardless that it’s in no way within the books or the films however simply take my phrase for it” Harry Potter reveals she insists on making in an effort to win cool factors with the LGBT group for being a pretend ally when it serves her, apparently Dumbledore and Grindelwald had a very intense, passionate intercourse life.

Ooooookay then.

And this sort of performative “yeah take a look at me I’m completely an ally” act and Rowling’s incessant, unofficial rewriting of Harry Potter that includes probably the most absurd shit that no person requested for has been mercilessly, and rightfully, mocked all around the web.

no person :

jk rowling : voldemort had no nostril as a result of he was a cocaine addict

— lewis buchan (@lewisbuchan) March 17, 2019

No person:

JK Rowling: You realize what else was 9 and three quarters?

— Genki (@Genki_Rocket) March 17, 2019


JK Rowling: Grindrwald

— Maddie Whittle ‍♀️ (@maddiewhittle) March 17, 2019

Me: I liked Hagrid
JK Rowling: the rationale why Hagrid lived outdoors of the Hogwarts citadel is as a result of he was a intercourse offender.

— Doth (@DothTheDoth) March 18, 2019

JK Rowling: you recognize there’s a motive why Dumbledore is known as the headmaster

— voldi (omg endlich gar kein ewig langer Identify mehr) (@aKilljoyNvrDies) March 18, 2019

professor x: what’s your energy?

jk rowling: i can rewrite the previous of fictional characters

homosexual professor x : fascinating

— Skoog (@Skoogeth) March 18, 2019

jk rowling: professor snape was gossip woman

— flat earther (@sharknado_18) March 19, 2019

no person:

JK Rowling: hagrid fucked the inexperienced m&m

— gary from teen mother (@garyfromteenmom) March 18, 2019


jk rowling:


jk rowling:

me: i —

jk rowling: arthur weasley likes to observe

— David Mack (@davidmackau) March 18, 2019

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