‘Oddbody Furbies’ Are The Most Terrifying Issues I’ve Ever Seen In My Life

The 90’s birthed some bizarre kids’s toys however few are extra profoundly effed up than Furbies. Should you’re unfamiliar with them, Furbies are animatronic toys that don’t resemble something from earth. They’re furry, they don’t have arms however they do have bizarre toes, beaks, and large ears like a bat. They appear like they had been created in a secret lab. And for no matter motive, actually each child wished one so unhealthy.

In addition they transfer and make noises which was nice, as a result of generally in the course of the night time they’d awaken and begin making sounds from inside your closet, and so they appear like they in all probability don’t have a soul themselves however would for positive like to devour yours.

Furbies had been already disturbing sufficient on their very own. However after all folks needed to take it a step additional. As a substitute of leaving these nightmarish creatures up to now the place they belong, some people have determined to surgically mix them with different toys or objects, leading to a hoard of Franken-Furbies that I want to god I hadn’t seen and am going to power you all to have a look at.

I assumed I hated the lengthy, limbless Furby

Courtesy of Sara Torres and Fb

Courtesy of Reddit

After which I discovered the horror that’s FURBIES WITH HANDS

Courtesy of Sara Torres and Fb

Mom of GOD

Courtesy of tumblr

Courtesy of Sara Torres and Fb

Courtesy of Sara Torres and Fb

I need to scream

That are solely rivaled by the TWO HEADED FURBY

Or the Furby who seems to be prefer it’s six ft tall and going to look in my room one night time

That is actually what I see when I’ve sleep paralysis.
They’re known as “oddbody Furbies”, if for some motive you need to see extra they’re throughout tumblr, and so they’ve ruined my life.

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