This Video Encouraging Us To Proudly Announce ‘I’m Peach’ Does It For Me

Are you Peach? I’m Peach. #impeach

A PSA for America. Be part of the motion!


Hooboy, what a day. So, guess what — as of right now there at the moment are no less than 21 girls who’ve come ahead and publicly accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. This truth, together with

the staggering mountain of proof of his absolute ineptitude
the general public report of his flagrant efforts at collusion and obstruction, and
for the love of all of the ever-crunchy Pringles chips on this planet his babyish meltdown when his Chief of Workers Mick Mulvaney coughed over considered one of his traces in an interview

actually, really, simply makes it clear that on the very least, no matter end result, no matter political fallout, it’s time for all of us, residents, senators, congressmen and congresswomen, to face up and shout out, “I’m Peach.”

This sneaky little PSA involves you from KK Apple.


Written & produced by KK Apple

Directed by Kady Ruth Ashcraft

Shot & edited by Geoffrey Stevens

Animation by Casey Pugh

Sound design & re-recording combine by Bryan Pugh

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